Business Funding Designed For You

Providing business owners with merchant cash advances, small business loans, credit card split-funding, credit lines and debt consolidation.

Merchant Cash Advances

Get short-term business funding so you can keep your company running smoothly through temporary cashflow problems. We have a streamlined application process, and our funding program is designed to work directly through your current credit card sales, so you can get your financing quickly.

Small Business Loans

Skip the lengthy business loan application process that you’d go through at a traditional bank and work with SimpliPay instead. All you need to get started are your last three monthly bank statements and a one-page application! Plus our flexible options give you the best chance of approval.


If you’ve used multiple business loans to enable your company to grow, but now you’re facing excessive interest payments to multiple lenders, consolidation can help reduce your costs and simplify your payments. It lets you combine your loans into one payment, to one creditor, usually with a lower rate!


Many people mistakenly believe that getting a commercial loan from a bank is the only way they can acquire funds. That's a fine mechanism for larger or more established companies or for those with great credit. But if you are short on collateral or have poor credit, there is another potential solution: a merchant cash advance.

The merchant cash advance program makes repaying your advance incredibly simple: a small, agreed-upon percentage of your daily credit and debit card sales is retained to pay back your advance. You simply spend more time focusing on what counts - your business.