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We are here to help you grow your business not your fees.

Zero Fee Processing

Zero Fee Processing is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of payment acceptance. Join thousands of other businesses across the country that are saving thousands of dollars a month on their processing fees.

How does it work?

SimpliPay’s Zero Fee Processing program (also known as Cash Discount) passes the cost of accepting credit card payments to your customers. Customers who pay with cash will receive a discounted price compared to customers that pay with a credit card. This lets business owners enjoy the same profit margins on cash payments and non-cash payments. Current economic conditions have accelerated the adoption of this pricing program. With SimpliPay’s Zero Fee Processing Program, you can offer your services and products to consumers at prices they can afford, all while keeping 100% of the money you’ve earned.

How does it affect my customers?

Recent studies have shown that passing the processing fee onto the customer does not affect their behavior 99% of the time, thus having no impact on sales.

Enroll today and boost your bottom line by keeping more of what you earn!

Is Zero Fee Processing right for your business?

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