Level II & III Processing Rates

Qualify Ror a Lower Processing Rate With Level II & III Processing

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Level II & III Processing Rates

Do you sell B2B?

You can qualify for a lower processing rate!

B2B & B2G purchases can qualify for lower rates by entering additional data at the time of the transaction. SimpliPay has the technology to make this happen with no additional steps to how you are processing payments today.

Businesses that accept business, or government cards can qualify for level III rates and can benefit from significant savings. VISA and MasterCard require different amounts of data to qualify for Level II and Level III rates.

SimpliPay uses the most advanced technology to auto-fill this data so merchants can qualify for higher savings on each transaction, therefore providing instant access to Level II & Level III savings. 
Our credit and debit card processing makes it simple and affordable for your business to accept payments in person or online.

Enroll today and boost your bottom line by keeping more of what you earn!

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